Month: January 2021

What Are Sukuk, and How Do They Work?

Sukuk are normally incorrectly referred to as an Islamic bond. The concept was developed by a majority of the Muslim population. In brief, we can say that Sukuk are financial products that comply with the structure and terms of shariah. The concept is now being used for lending money in Malaysia and some other parts of the world. If you are interested to know more about a Sukuk and how it works, you can go through the following article. It will enable you to understand the concept in a better way. When you buy a bond, you give a loan to the person and get an interest rate in return for a fixed time. You will receive the interest annually for a fixed timeframe. You will get back the value of the bond once the period gets over. However, Shariah does not support the interest rate. Sukuk come in here …

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Construction Lighting: Illuminating Your Worksite

Proper lighting at the construction site is very important for the safety for not only the workers working at the site, but also to protect accidents against gear and equipment used. In the evening it can protect workers from dangers along with the passersby by improving their visibility. The government has designed a set of standards to ensure construction lighting at worksites. Types for worksite lightingAt worksites various types of lighting arrangements are done like:General Lighting: The light spread over the entire place of work is known as generalized lighting. For instance, the light provided by overhead fixtures in a factory area can come in this category of lighting. The main purpose of this lighting is to allow workers and other people to move comfortably in the entire premises. At construction sites, hallways at worksites and warehouses the minimum illumination of general lighting should not be les than 5 candle …

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