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Acrylic & Plastic Malaysia

acrylic-poly-1002x1024Acrylic and Plastics are always a major contributor in different industries. We have been in the industry for years. We have gained enormous respect from players within the acrylic and plastic industry in Malaysia. We hope that with this web site we are able to give back to the community with the knowledge we possess. On top of that, we also hope we could force ourselves in keeping track with the latest trend and technology on acrylic and plastics. Acrylic has extensive uses over different industries and businesses. Among all, one of the more prominent industries that make use of acrylic is retail stores. Acrylic is made use in manufacturing cosmetic showcases, wall panels, display racking, signboards, podiums etc. etc. The reason for the extensive use is the advantages it offers. Despite having clear and transparent properties like glasses, they possess very strong impact resistance. 

CCTV Malaysia

There are actually countless benefits in installing CCTV system around the premise. Many argue the initial investments costs a lot, but it pays off well in the long run. Some benefits are obvious, while some are less so. In our experience in dealing with security system for decades, we urge the importance of immediate and tangible benefits a CCTV system could provide. Have a look on the list we have compiled for the common benefits. Security System and equipment can provide instant alerts when there are potential troubles occur. This is to ensure that crime against vandalism, theft, burglaries etc. are substantially reduced and covered. When we are in the midst of these unfortunate events, at the very least they are recording the incident to provide valuable evidence. All these can be used to improve the likelihood of a conviction.

Office Furniture Malaysia

office-chair-cleaningFeeling pain and uncomfortable after sitting long in the office? Time to consider ergonomic chairs. This chair is specially designed to provide you the greatest comfort and convenience. Ergonomic, the term from Greek words “ergos” which mean work, and “nomos” means natural laws.People strongly believe that it is relaxing when sitting down. BUT, if your seat giving you more stress on the back, it was no longer go for your health. This is because it transfers all the body weight of upper body into buttocks and thighs. Sitting for long time may also increase pressure on the spine. Ergonomic chairs are able to decrease the symptom above.

Autogates Malaysia

Looking backward, shutters and grilles is not a new thing, but was founded hundreds of years ago to improve security. In Britain, the shop front commonly used horizontal hinged wooden shutters instead had a glazing in the windows. They would hinge upwards the top shutter (larger shutter) to make it as a shelter and bottom shutter would hinge downwards to display items for sale. In the middle of 1800s, glass manufacturing cost fell and the glass duty tax was repealed. This sheered the expenses of glass, and glass start to use in most of the shop windows. Many wooden shutters were remained to protect the glass and the items behind.  Metal grilles began commonly used at night to secure the shop, and also allow people to view the goods display behind the window.  Wooden shutters at the domestic windows are also to keep warm and protect the expensive glass and item of the shop or home.

Sofa Malaysia

sofa-bedOffices is the central working place for all employees. We are all trying to build an office that could operate efficiently. Aside from being efficient, offices should look good too. Both of these should not be compromised. The trend is growing pretty quick, gaining traction from small and medium sized offices. Employers nowadays take office design into serious considerations, after all the office speaks pretty much for the company and the business. Look, the logic is this. Vibrant cities and metropolises have various hubs for food, entertainment, nature, socialization etc. Hence, workspace should be the very same! The overall setup and furniture selection of your office space is crucial to create a productive and relaxing working environment. 

Hotel & Travel Malaysia

It is said that people are divided into those who eat to live, and those who live to eat. Well, Malaysians definitely fall into the latter category. No wonder Kuala Lumpur is such a foodlovers paradise! While many culinary treats are available year-round, others make a special appearance during religious festivals. Despite the fact that Kuala Lumpur is a bustling metropolis of commerce, looking for accommodation in this city is not as difficult as you might think.

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